Our Strategy

Our strategy continues to deliver

We have built this business over 21 years on a consistent long term strategy of creating real value through the discovery of multi-million ounce gold deposits and their development into profitable, world class mines.

When Randgold first set out to build an Africa focused gold mining company that delivered value to all stakeholders, we made sustainability the foundation of our business model. Twenty-one years later, we can clearly see how that commitment positively impacts both our company’s profit margins and the development of our host countries and communities.

“With our big capital projects nearing completion and a cost profile
trending down, Randgold is a truly
profitable business capable of
delivering value to all its stakeholders.”
Mark Bristow 2016

Randgold’s success has been built on the mutually beneficial partnerships it has developed with all who are involved with or affected by its businesses. In reporting on a record-breaking year, we must also acknowledge the indispensable contribution made by our partners.

The governments and people of our host countries are foremost among these. It is their support and cooperation that make it possible for us to build and operate mines in some of the remotest parts of the world. African states have their own share of stresses and while these sometimes test us, we believe our relationships are strong enough to withstand them.

We have proved over the years that we are there not to exploit these countries but to unlock the value of their mineral resources so that all may benefit.